Troyer's Country Market

Locally produced meats and cheeses; jams and jellies; bottled goodness found at Amish wedding tables; an assortment of freshly made premium ice creams; bins stocked with fresh, in-season produce; delighted customers when they discover Troyer brand foods!  (330) 893-3786

Located in the heart of Ohio's Amish Country, we offer a full line of premium, domestic, and international cheese. We compliment our cheese with a full line of meats, jerky, jar goods, and specialty items.  
Troyer's foods and Amish Wedding Foods go to small markets across the U.S. Since Troyer's delivers to many of these, they've developed networks that allow them to bring the bounty of seasonal crops in other regions back to Ohio-oranges directly from Florida, tree ripened peaches from Georgia and many freshly picked vegetables which ripen at different times in these places.

Most days you can find a few samples of the goodies Troyers have for sale. These are scattered around at various places in the store so be sure to wander through the aisles. Browse through the extensive cookbook collection-many published by local Amish and Mennonite church groups. You're sure to find one or two that will help you fill your table with good food when you get back home. They are also great gifts for family and friends.

For the holidays, Troyer's cheese balls are popular for parties and gatherings of all kinds. Gift boxes are also available at the store and online year-round.And speaking of flavors-there are sixteen ice cream flavors to choose from. Made in house, these premium ice creams are 14% butterfat-rich and full of the best fruits, berries, nuts and flavorings Troyers can find.

Troyer's Country Market is easy to find. It's on the corner of State Route 39 and County Road 77-two popular Amish Country routes. Look for their bright red roof and crates of seasonal fruits and veggies on their front porch.