Walnut Creek Cheese

By far the largest bulk food store in the area. Stocking all you'd expect from a bulk food store, they also have their own bakery, deli and meat counter, jams and jellies, home-goods and home decor. Cooking classes available. Home of the famous Mudd Valley ice cream! (877) 852.2888 www.walnutcreekcheese.com

We’ve been asked what motivates 10,000 to 20,000 people to shop in our store every week. We’ve done this by creating a shopping experience that showcases the most delicious foods of Amish Country. Obviously, our name says cheese, but that’s only the beginning. Our Deli is chock full of local cheese and deli meats. The freshness comes not only from our huge volume but also from the fact that we never slice your product until you order it. All this at savings per pound that justifies driving right past the Supers and Big Box stores to get our award-winning cheese and meats.
Folks bring coolers to haul home pork chops, hamburger, steaks and chicken from our Meat Shop. In the back room we blend spices from our special recipes and smoke our sausages. Our own Uncle Mike’s Beef Jerky has lots of fans because of its tenderness and savory flavor. We offer you tremendous value by not taking shortcuts on the quality of our ingredients.
Local Amish and Mennonite farmers raise fruits and vegetables that we sell in Produce. This provides revenue for them and, in return, they support us by shopping in our store. This system works for both of us but, most importantly, it gives you the freshness and value you want in your fruits and vegetables—and we’re “plum proud” of our produce! 

We feature Ohio Amish Country’s largest selection of bulk foods. Shopping bulk foods is the best way to save money because none of your food dollars go to support national-brand advertising or excessive packaging. We bag these items on the premises, and you can always request the size bag you want. Our large selection of bulk spices will help you make your meals with that perfect taste and seasoning. 

Our Test Kitchen is open Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Here we whip up main dishes and desserts for you to sample. But, best of all, we share these easy recipes with you. It’s a great place for getting that food idea that will make your next meal special. Our Test Kitchen is also where we get your feedback for the new products we’re developing. We value your opinions, and they have made our products better.

Butter Churn Kitchenwares has thousands of practical and and decorative items for your kitchen and dining room. Our manager, Miriam Beachy, has years of experience in decorating and loves to find the perfect items that will make your home more attractive. But Miriam also appreciates the practical side of things, so she enjoys sharing with you those items that make your life in the kitchen easier. Just one example: We have the area’s largest selection of Amish and Mennonite cookbooks. Yes, our store has everything for the kitchen—“ from smoked bacon to the ice cream scoop” … “from eggs to the popcorn bowl.”

While Walnut Creek Cheese has been designed to give you the best values, we also want to help you unwind and enjoy your visit. That's why we've put our Mudd Valley Creamery right in the middle of our store. This is a place to relax and enjoy a sandwich or salad and, of course, ice cream. Our Mudd Valley Custard is so smooth and delicious that, after your first lick, you’ll already be starting to “plot” when you can come back for more! A short ride up our elevator to the second floor will take you back in time 100 years. Up there we have seating for 200. You are surrounded by museum-quality antiques set up as an old-time general store with storefronts from a bygone village street. It's a real memory maker!

Finally, we guarantee the quality of everything we sell. We also guarantee its value. If you’re not 100% happy with our products, we’ll give you a full refund. We want you to be happy—so, yes, we guarantee that you’ll enjoy your time with us! Remember, at Walnut Creek Cheese the main course is food—but with a second helping of fun.