Dutch Valley Market

Flavorful items direct from the smokehouses, dairy farms, chicken coops, orchards, and gardens of the surrounding Ohio countryside. Sample Troyer’s Genuine Trail Bologna or a chunk of creamy Swiss from Steiner or Guggisberg Cheese. Supplier for Der Dutchman and Dutch Valley Restaurants. 330 852 2631 www.dutchvalleymarket.com

High quality meats—just like old-time butcher shops used to offer—draw locals and visitors alike to this country market's overflowing freezer cases. We pride ourselves on offering the healthiest choices for your home table. You will find our USDA-inspected beef, chicken, and pork to be better quality than you would find in your regular supermarket. Cuts are prepared by our skilled butchers either fresh or freezer-wrapped and frozen for your convenience.

Among the locally-prepared smoked specialties, you’ll find pepper bacon, whole bone-in hams, smoked whole turkeys, spicy Italian and fresh regional sausages, and so much more. If you've been to Der Dutchman and Dutch Valley Restaurants, you'll be familiar with the delicious Gerber's Chicken used to make our pan fried, broasted and charbroiled chicken. You can buy the same quality chicken, roast beef, ham, fish and other meats you've tasted in our restaurants. Or, check out our Meat Samplers in our Dutchman Online Store - there's a great variety for all tastes. 

Our shelves are lined with all the staples needed to stock a country-kitchen pantry, too. Amid the jars and bottles, boxes and cans, you’re likely to discover a number of unfamiliar brands. Some represent heirloom recipes from local family-run enterprises, and others come from regional food companies whose products reflect the area's rich heritage and history. You'll also find our familiar Der Dutchman and Dutch Creek brand products - the same ones we use in our own restaurants and bakeries.

There are jewel-like jars of crisp pickles, vegetable relishes, fruit preserves, and traditional Amish Country favorites, like Der Dutchman Apple Butter and Peanut Butter Spread. Plus lots of meat rubs and seasonings, baking supplies and bread mixes, and an extensive line of Amish Wedding Foods canned goods, including sweet-spicy chutneys and pickled eggs and beets.