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Located in the North East region of the state, Ohio's Amish Country, although sometimes not as well publicized by the mainstream media as other Amish Communities, is the home to the world's largest community of Amish. Tracing their roots as far back as the mid 1520's to Switzerland and Germany, the Amish people or "Plain People" make up nearly half of the population of our local community, which welcomes over four-million tourists annually.
The Amish Country Almanac was built and is maintained by Amish Country locals with years of travel and hospitality experience who have a passion for helping to make the time that guests spend in our community something that they will never forget. With bi-monthly newsletters and interesting and educational articles it's our hope that you will find us to be the link that helps you stay connected to Ohio's Amish Country in between visits and well as the resource that you can use to help plan your next visit. We're not the local Chamber of Commerce, and we're not a huge media company, we're just local people who love our community and want to help you fall in love with it, too!

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A note from our owner
 "Hello Friends! I'm so glad that you found us here at The AC Almanac! As an Amish Country local I am truly blessed to live in one of the most unique and beautiful places in the world!

 I always love the opportunity to help others connect with and enjoy their time here in Holmes County. My goal in running The AC Almanac, and a promise that I make to you, as our readers, is to always publish content with you in mind! Hopefully, you will find The AC Almanac not only a helpful resource as you plan your next trip to our area but also a way to keep up with our community in-between visits!"

Unlike other sites, The AC Almanac is focused on you and providing content that hopefully you will find interesting as well as helpful! We never make local businesses pay for editorial. While we do have some paid advertisement space available on the site all of the blog posts that you read are simply the true and honest opinions of a local Amish Country gal with a goal of inspiring simple life!  ~Sarah Yoder