Locally Produced Natural Skincare

Amish Country Essentials,  located in Berlin, Ohio specializes in handmade soaps and natural skin care!  It's a family business with over 200 years of history producing natural skin care products. They spend all their time making their products from scratch and by hand in small controlled batches. 

Did you know that most store-bought "soap" isn't really soap at all...the new craze of "body wash" that has taken our retail stores by storm is really mostly very attractivly packaged WATER! Yep, you got it, almost all of the soaps, washes and lotions that are sold today are "filled" with all kinds of stuff that actually makes your skin worse! That's why we love the products at Amish Country Essentials...just old-fashioned SOAP like our great-grandparents once made! In fact, store owner Shane, actually learned to make soap from his grandmother's family recipe! 

Bath Salt Buffet!

Their new men's line, Raw Steel!

Bath Bombs! (Bath fizzies)