Amish Country Essentials

Located in Berlin, Ohio specializes in handmade soaps and natural skin care!  It's a family business with over 200 years of history producing natural skin care products. They spend all their time making their products from scratch and by hand in small controlled batches. 330-674-3088
Looking at all the choices we have when it comes to soap or what most companies call a bar, whether it is a beauty bar, body bar and even moisturizing bar.  The commercial companies while making their detergent bars strip the natural glycerin, then allowing the commercial companies to sell the glycerin for huge profits to other companies that use them to produce lotions and moisturizers to help replenish moisture lost using their bars.  This is just the tip of the iceberg, most if not all commercially produced bars contain, artificial lathering agents, artificial color, fragrance, and many fillers which are laboratory produced.  Antibacterial and microbial bars and liquids contain triclosan which is associated with cancer.  Triclosan works for over 12 hours after use, therefore exposing us to it for much longer than it takes to wash up.  

Whats worse is that these chemicals and toxins are being reintroduced to our ecosystem every time we rinse off.  These toxins including phthalates and parabens make it past filters and into our water supply.  These chemicals and toxins are found in body washes, shampoo's, bars, dish washing liquids, laundry detergents and more.

So it then comes down to what are my options.  Companies like us and other small businesses are making amazing all natural soaps and skin care.  However you still have to know what to look for!  Melt and Pour, usually available at local craft stores, is a product that is used to make cute little shapes and generally is referred to as Glycerin soap.  These are generally better than commercially produced soaps, but are not what you are looking for, as they contain chemicals that you don't want on your body.

The best options are those soaps made either with the "cold processed method" or the "hot process method".  The "hot process method" is used with heat, while the "cold process method" is not.  The "cold process method" is the best choice when it comes to natural soap making.  This method produces the best all natural soaps available.  This process includes using lye (a caustic ingredient needed to turn the fatty oils into soap, during a process called saponification.)  When mixing the lye/water combination with oils and blending them with ingredients like essential oils, herbs, butter and more you get a highly moisturizing soap that will last longer and create exceptional lather.  Avoid natural soaps made with fragrance oil as the fragrance is synthetic and you don't want this on your skin or in the environment.  So remember, all natural soaps are the best.